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FREE Down Payment Assistance / Rent-to-Own Report

Free Down Payment Assistance Report is now available!  

Report also offers rental assistance as well.  To obtain your copy of the report, please requ
Report offers several organizations who assist with not only down payment assistance but also rental assistance as well including help with utilities if so required.  This report typically only includes organizations who provide only PARTIAL help with down payment assistance and/or utility help and may be up to several hundred dollars or more.  However, in the majority of cases, applicants must also have a monetary involvement in their down payment in order to receive funding (which includes rental/utility assistance).
Home Sweet Home also offers down payment assistance in the form of sweat equity and a down payment installment program as well.  Once you have your down payment saved, Home Sweet Home can help you get placed into a home.  Again, all down payment assistance programs REQUIRE that the buyer (or renter in the case of rental assistance) have a minimum to substantial monetary interest or involvement in the payment of down payment or move-in cost requirements.  In other words, while the down payment assistance programs can help substantially, an applicant will be REQUIRED to also contribute funds toward the down payment (or rental costs/utilities) as well.
101 Awesome Fundraising ideas are also covered to help you cover your housing needs sooner than ever!

FREE Rent-to-Own Report
This amazing report features much about what you need to know when you get into a rent-to-own situation.
Our FREE Rent-to-Own Report is one of best reports you may find anywhere in the market place.
You can get approved for a rent-to-own home far more quickly than you can for a home loan.  Many times, the approval may be as quick as just a few short days to get a house on a rent-to-own basis.
We talk about the following topics in depth:
- How you can receive your FREE Down Payment Assistance Report that also includes Rental Assistance and Fundraising information you can use to help get your down payment or rental move-in costs (if not significantly, at least partially) covered with hundreds if now thousands of dollars.
- Why some real estate agents don't like doing rent-to-own while others love it!
- We explain down payment strategies
- Rental Assistance is covered also (which can also be treated as a down payment also)
- Rent Credits: What they are and how they work for a renter's benefit!  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE

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